A Digital Metaphor:
How Your Website is Like an Employee

As a business owner your employees are your number one in investment. But have you ever thought about how similar your employees are to an effective web presence? Notice:

  1. Both represent you. A good website doesn’t just tell people you exist, but it’s the first impression people have of your company. You wouldn’t want an employee dressed like a slob greeting your customers, and you don’t want a sloppy website making your first impression either!
  2. Both work for you. A well groomed website doesn’t wait around for the next task. It actively engages prospective clients, maintains communication with previous clients, and can even effectively communicate with your employees. The best website will save you time and energy, freeing you to focus on other important matters, just as a quality employee can do.
  3. Both give you an edge. An effective website will make you stand out among your competitors. Just like you want your employees to go the extra mile to guarantee a great experience, a well crafter website will offer a truly satisfactory experience that will stand out in the minds of your clients.

You hire the best because you want to be the best. At Motate Media, we understand the valuable resource of great employees. And we work hard to create a similarly powerful resource that will perfectly represent your company and effectively work for you!