Tell Us the Key Factors of Your Target Market

If you have a basic idea of your target market
and are wondering how you should design your site...
this is the place to start.

With a few simple questions we can help you refine your strategy and generate ideas about how to design specifically for your target market. Reflect on your target market regarding the following key factors: Geography, Age, Gender, Environment, Language, and Economic Status.

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Your target audience occupies specific geographic regions. This is the probably the most basic consideration, though certainly not the only one. Think carefully about where the majority of your target market lives.

Choose one or two of the geographic regions from the list below that represent your target market. You can leave it blank if your target market does not live in any specific region.

North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Middle East
Latin America
South America
South Asia
Southeast Asia
East Asia


Different age groups see design differently. Generational differences are an important factor in how to design a website for a target market.

Choose one or two of the age ranges from the list below that represent your target market. You can also leave this blank if you cannot pinpoint specific age groups in your target market.


Men and women percieve design differently. Whether your target market is primarily women or men will influence the way your site should be designed. Think about your current customer base. Do you deal more with women or men?

If your target market is more women than men, click "female". If more men then women, click "male." Consider this carefully. Who will be using the website? A hardwood flooring company in the United States, for example, might be thought of as a more "masculine" company, but women might be the primary customer as they arrange and plan for renovation projects in the home.

What are these images?

All of these male and female images are from various places around the world. You will find them as you may have guessed, outside public bathrooms. The places include Switzerland, Ghana, UAE, Czech Republic, Portugal and others. See if you can guess where they are from?


We are shaped by the environment we live in. One way to think about this is in terms of rural, suburban, and urban. Around the world, those from urban areas share certain characteristics, while those from rural areas share common characteristics as well.


In today's world it is important to make the distinction between language and geography. Don't assume that just because your target market language lives in a specific region they will speak that region's predominant language. Think about what language your target market(s) primarily speak.

Choose one or two of the languages from the list that represent your target market. You can leave it blank if you cannot decide what language(s) your target market speak. You can also leave it blank if your language group is not listed here.

Economic Status

Class distinctions are another way to understand differences between cultural groups.

Choose one of these classes that best represent your target market. You can leave this blank if your target audience cannot be represented by economic status.

Other Factors

Would you describe your target market as "traditional" or "open to change." If traditional, click on conservative. If open to change click on progressive